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Combat Patrol: Drukhari

Greetings one and all.

Today we’re back in Commorragh, that's right we escaped the fighting pits only to get caught again and brought to an Archons’ palace hopeful they’ll let me have a cup of tea before the pain begins. While we’re here, however, let's look at the newest combat patrol boxset, Combat Patrol Drukhari.

Combat Patrol: Drukhari contains the following; 1 Archon, 10 Kabalite Warriors, 5 Incubi, 1 Raider and 1 Ravager all for the princely sum of £85.

Now let's look at the models contained within Combat Patrol: Drukhari using Gamesworkshops RRP and see what kind of saving this set offers.

1 Archon = £17.50

10 Kabalite Warriors = £22.50

5 Incubi = £32.50

1 Raider = £30

1 Ravager = £32.50

In total this all adds up to £135 which after we take away the £85 cost of the Combat Patrol: Drukhari boxset means you’re saving £50 which is quite the bargain in my opinion.

But now we ask are these models any good on the table top?

So starting at the top of the pecking order let's look at the HQ choice the Archon giving units around him a reroll on 1s thanks to their overlord ability and a range of nasty wargear options and a +2 invulnerable save due to their shadow field your archon really will be able to go toe to toe with most things on the tabletop.

The meat of any Kabal the Kabalite Warriors are fast but a tad squishy (T3 these guys really need to get swole) what they do have going for them is splinter weapons, as these have the rule poisoned weapon they can pose a threat to any non-tank unit, and fear not, pack a dark lance and even those iron-hulled beasts can be brought down.

Wielding their signature Klaive and bedecked in their menace exuding Incubus warsuits, Incubi are a lethal close combat unit perfect for running alongside your Archon. With their Klaives Incubi can slice through most units like they were paper.

The last two units are the Raider and the Ravager now to call these tanks would be an insult to tanks, these are more cereal boxes given engines and guns (the ravager is corrugated cardboard hence the extra point of toughness), however, both are fast, like really fast 14inch movement fast. The Raider is capable of carrying ten models and so is perfect for delivering troops to objectives or around the flanks. Meanwhile, the Ravager carries three dark lances or disintegrator cannons with some careful planning you can tailor it to fulfill the anti-tank or anti-infantry role.

As an extra bonus the Ravage set in just the Raider with extra bits glued on so it is completely possible to just build the Ravage as a Raider if you want even more transports.

Combat patrol Drukhari is a good boxset if you’re planning on running a Kabal list with a mixture of units to provide the start of a balanced army and personally well worth the price.

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