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Start Collecting Drukhari Review

Greetings one and all from the fighting pits of Commorragh. Today we’re going to look at the Start Collecting Drukhari boxset, so try and stay out of the splash zone as we see if this boxset is value for money and value on the tabletop.

Start Collecting Drukhari contains 1 Succubus, 10 Wyches, 1 Venom and 3 Reavers which is an unsurprisingly swift but shockingly tanky group of units.

Using Gamesworkshops RRP as a guide, the units within this boxset tally up as follows:

1 Succubus = £15

10 Wyches = £22.50

1 Venom = £22.50

3 Reavers = £25

All tallied up, this boxset has £85 worth of units within it. And as the Start Collecting Drukhari boxset costs £55, that’s a saving of £30, which makes it about average in terms of the saving.

However, are the units within valuable on the tabletop?

If you’re planning on running a Wych army, then this boxset is great.

The Wyches themselves can be a devastating unit on the charge, especially later on when power from pain is kicking in. Add their dodge ability to this and they can be surprisingly tanky.

The Succubus, on the other hand, can single handedly slaughter nearly any unit she comes into contact with. Along with her ability to buff the Wyches, keeping these two units close together can cause a wrecking ball of pain (just how the Drukhari like it).

In the end, this is a good boxset but only if you're running a Wych cult army. For Kabal, or even Haemonculus Coven armies, it's next to useless (unless you're running Wyches as allies). That said, for a Wych Cult army this boxset is brilliant. Hell, buy two or three and you’ll have the core of a good army.

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