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Gamesworkshop warhammer 40K Christmas boxsets

Greetings one and all,

It’s that time of year again and Gamesworkshop is giving us the gift of the Xmaz army boxsets.

So what are they this year? How much are they worth and how much do you stand to save?

Before I answer those questions, I’m going to make it clear that I’m expecting these boxsets to be around the £130 mark, so keep this in mind going forward.

Defenders of the Ancestors

Grimnyr = £27.50

Einhyr Champion = £25

10 Einhyr Hearthguard = £75

Hekaton Land Fortress = £70

Sagitaur ATV = £40

Total = £237.50

The leagues of Votann get a boxset this year with some elite units and a battle bus to carry them in, not to mention a wise old man to guide them (go go mini Gandalf). It’s not a bad little boxset and could form the core of a new army. I’d suggest a pack or two of Hearthkyn Warriors to bulk out this force and round it out.

Beast Snagga Stampede

Mozrog Skragbad = £35

Squighog Boyz = £40

Painboss = £25

10 Beast Snagga = £35

Kill Rig = £85

Total = £220

WAAAAGH! Cough cough, Sorry I mean the Orks have got their own boxset this year focused around the newish Beast Snaggas, which I am totally okay with. Personally, I’d get another unit of Squighog Boyz and Beast Snaggas if I were going to expand this force.

Cadian Defence Force

Cadian Command Squad = £27.50

20 Cadian Shock Troops = £60

2 Rogal Dorn battle tanks = £120

Total = £207.50

This feels a little light on the model count, but then I remember there are TWO Rogal Dorn battle tanks and I forgive the lack of heavy weapons. If you wanted to expand this, you could go two ways. Either, more tank, in the form of a couple of Leman Russes, or you could add to that infantry. The combat Patrol: Astra Militarum would synergise really well with this boxset.

Space Marines Spearhead Force

Captain with Jump Pack = £25

15 Jump Pack Intercessors = £105

3 Outriders = £37.50

Invader ATV = £30

Total = £197.50

Marines go ZOOOOM!!! Okay seriously Gamesworkshop we need to talk about you hyper-focusing one thing in your boxsets. I like the models and all that, but I think last year's boxset was better. As the major faction in 40K (sorry everyone else), could we at least make a well-rounded boxset for what will be for a lot of people their first way into the hobby? Okay, rant over. If I was going to expand this force I’d add a Gladiator to get that extra anti-tank firepower, or the Vanguard Task Force (if that’s still being sold?).

Onslaught Swarm

Norn Emissary = £70

Winged Hive Tyrant = £37.50

20 Hormagaunts = £60

10 Genestealers = £32.50

Total = £200

FOR THE HORDE! Okay, kinda for the horde. Some really nice models in this boxset and unsurprisingly, the new Norn Emissary takes centre stage. It’s a gorgeous model but it is another one that suffers from last year's issue: big shiny center-piece models which could have been supplemented with a couple of other units to create a more well-rounded boxset. But this is what we have, so if I were going to add to this boxset, I’d get some Warriors, Carnifex, and maybe some Termagants

Exalted of the Red Angel

Angron, Daemon Primarch of Khorne = £100

10 Khorne Berzerkers = £40

6 Eightbound = £75

Total = £215

WHAT DID I JUST SAY ABOUT LARGE CENTRE-PIECE MODELS!!!! Okay, okay, breathe. I’m calm. So, what I would have liked to have seen was an expanded Combat Patrol box. Three packs of Eightbound would have made this a nice boxset, but again, this is what we have. So what would I buy to supplement this boxset? More Berzerkers and Jakhals. Done.

Okay, so, it’s a mixed bag, and sorry for getting a little negative at the end. In terms of savings though these are all really good, with savings between £67.50 to £107.50 if GW put the price at £130 as they did last year.

I really think GW is going about these boxsets the wrong way though. I think they should be ways to get new people into the hobby, giving people a solid basis to work from. Then once you have that, the Norn Emmissarys or Demon Primachs just seem a better way to do things.

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