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Combat Patrol: Chaos Space Marines

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Greetings one and all,

Welcome back to the Combat Patrol Reviews series “is It Worth It’.

Today we’re going to take a dive into the Combat Patrol: Chaos Space Marines box to see what’s in there, and ask some fundamental questions: is it value for money, and is it value on the tabletop? So give in to the whisperings of the warp and submit to the powers of chaos as we ask, is it worth it.

Combat Patrol: Chaos Space Marines contains; 1 Dark Apostle, 2 Dark Disciples, 1 Helbrute, 5 Havocs, and 10 Chaos Space Marines. All for £90.

So, now that we know what’s in the box, let's first do a price breakdown and compare it to the RRP from Gamesworkshop, and see what savings this offers.

Dark Apostle and 2 Dark Disciples = £24

Hellbrute = £35

Havocs = £35

Chaos Space Marines =£37.50

The total RRP of the items priced individually in this box is £131.50. As the Combat Patrol box has an RRP of £90, this gives us a total saving of £41.50, which is an ok saving.

But now we have to ask, are these units of value on the tabletop?

The Dark Apostle and Dark Disciples are okay as an HQ choice I guess, but they’ll work better in some Legions than others (Word Bearers for example). The Dark Apostle does grant you access to prayers that can offer some buffs, but personally, I think a good old Chaos Lord would have been a better idea for this boxset.

The Hellbrute though is a really tanky model. It has plenty of weapon options and is able to handle itself in melee and ranged combat, making it a good solid pick for this set.

Havocs are another really good pick for the Combat Patrol. They have a huge range of guns, so you will be able to bring whatever weapon you need to deal with any kind of threat.

Finally, you can’t really go wrong with including a core troop choice in a Combat Patrol box. And as core troops go, Chaos Space Marines are a great choice (especially as they are now finally 2 wounds as well). They come with a good range of special weapons and melee options, making them fantastic for flexibility and to bulk out your numbers.

Overall, Combat Patrol: Chaos Space Marines is a good box, but I think it suffers a little from having the Dark Apostle in it. It does hurt the re-buyability somewhat, but even then, buying two of these boxsets isn’t a bad idea as you’ll have a really strong starting force to work from. And you could always eBay that 2nd Dark Apostle.

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