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Combat Patrol: Deathwatch, a Review

One of Games Workshops newest releases Combat Patrol: Deathwatch is full of tasty tasty models, but is it value for money, and are they of value on the tabletop?

These sets seem to be replacing the start collecting kits which were a great way to begin a new army or add to an existing one.

The new Combat Patrol: Deathwatch contains 10 Primaris Intercessors, 3 Primaris Aggressors, 1 Primaris Apothecary, 1 Primaris Lieutenant, and finally 2 Deathwatch upgrade sprues.

All this for £85, which is roughly a £35 increase on the start collecting boxes. But does it still offer value for money?

Primaris Intercessors = £35

Primaris Aggressors = £30

Primaris Apothecary = £22.50

Primaris Lieutenant = £20

2 upgrade sprues = £18

The total retail price for these models would come to £125.50, which means by purchasing this boxset you are saving £40.50, which is quite the saving.

As for value on the tabletop? This boxset contains everything you would need for a starting army, with Aggressors being a particularly strong unit. With the right build, add in something for anti-tank work and this will get you off to a flying start.

Even non-Deathwatch players should be considering this as the two upgrade sprues could be added to a bit box, or sold on to recoup some of that £85.

In summary, this is a good boxset in terms of value for money and units on the battlefield. It shows that Games Workshop really is considering what would be a good starting army for new players, or old ones looking to start a new army.

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