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Arks of Omen Boxsets

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Greetings one and all,

The Arks of Omen book is coming out this weekend, so Gamesworkshop has revealed 3 new boxsets to go along with it to play the new Boarding Actions game mode. As such, we are here to question; what’s in these boxes, are they any good, and are they value for money? So let's jump in and find out.

We’ll start with the two Boarding Patrol boxes. These are basically equivalent to a Combat Patrol box, so I will assume their prices will match and be around £90 each. Will cover the Space Marine box, first followed by the Chaos Space Marines.

In the Space Marine boxset you will get:

1 Primaris Captain in Gravis armour = £24

5 Heavy Intercessors = £40

10 Assault Intercessors = £37.50

Total = £101.50

Saving = £11.50

Well what can I say, I really hope I’m wrong on the £90 price tag for this one because if I’m not, this is the lowest saving on any boxset from Gamesworkshop I’ve ever seen and what makes matters worst are the units themselves…Okay, by that I really mean the Assault Intercessors. I hope these guys have gotten some buffs cause otherwise, this is a very disappointing box of models.

In the Chaos Space Marine boxset you will get:

1 Abaddon the Despoiler = £40

10 Chaos Space Marine Legionaries = £37.50

20 Cultists = £55

Total = £132.50

Saving = £42.50

The savings for this Boarding Patrol box is much better than the Space Marine one, however, it falls foul of one of my most hated inclusions; a named character. Abaddon basically makes up the costs of the saving just by himself. Please Gamesworkshop, stop doing this, especially with the Chaos boxsets.

Now on to the boxset I’m most excited for, the Arks of Omen Balefleet Battleforce.

To my mind, this seems to be more along the line of the newly released Space Marine Battle Forces and so I’ll be pricing it up at £130, but as the price has yet to be relieved, I will point out that this is an educated guess. So bare that in mind.

In the Arks of Omen Balefleet Battleforce boxset you get:

1 Daemon Prince = £36 (This is a guess, but I think it’s about right)

10 Possessed = £70

5 Chaos Space Marine Terminators = £36

1 Heldrake = £47.50

Total = £189.50

Saving = £59.50

Despite what I feel is some pretty good educated guesswork, if my maths is correct then this box is one hell of a saving. Still, it’s a little on the low end for similar boxsets, but it’s a good saving nonetheless. I also like that, unlike the Space Marine boxset, they are using a generic HQ choice and it’s full of some really good and effective units.

So overall, the Board Patrol boxes are a little rubbish to my mind. This is compounded by the fact you can’t make a boarding force from the units provided! On the other hand, the Arks of Omen Balefleet Battleforce I really like; it has new, shiny models combined with really new older models, and no named character. 2 big thumbs up from me.


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