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Space Marine Battle Forces

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Greetings one and all,

Well seems Gamesworkshop dropped a rather big surprise on us, four more Space marine battle force boxsets. As you might recall Gamesworkshop released a Raven Guard and Imperial Fists battle forces just before Christmas and now they’ve done the same for the Iron Hands, Salamanders, White Scars and Ultramarines. So let me do what I do best, break down the prices and review the contents of the boxes.

A few caveats to this review, I am going to use the Imperial Fists – Bastion Strike Force and Raven Guard – Ravenstrike Battle Force as an indicator as to the price £130 and that each boxset will contain 2 chapter upgrade sprues.

Iron Hands: March of Iron Strike Force

Iron Father Feirros = £26

Primaris Techmarine = £24

2 Redemptor Dreadnoughts = £85

10 Intercessors = £36

2 Iron Hands Primaris Upgrades and Transfers = £32

Total = £203

Saving = £73

Salamanders: Warforged Strike Force

Adrax Agatone = £26

20 Intercessors = £72

3 Eradicators = £32.50

3 Aggressors = £32.50

2 Salamanders Primaris Upgrades and Transfers = £32

Total = £195

Saving = £65

White Scars: Storm of Chogoris

Kor’sarro Khan = £26

Primaris Chaplain on Bike = £30

6 Primaris Outriders = £75

2 Invader ATVs = £55

2 White Scars Primaris Upgrades & Transfers = £32

Total = £218

Saving = £88

Space Marines: Scions of Macragge

Marneus Calgar + 2 Victrix Guard = £35

Chief Librarian Tigurius = £26

3 Bladeguard Veterans = £32.50

10 Intercessors = £36

10 Hellblasters = £36

2 Ultramarines Primaris Upgrades = £22

Total = £187.50

Saving = £57.50

Overall these boxsets are a real saving if you want the units in them. I do have an issue with putting named characters in these boxsets as I feel it does limit the number of time you can buy them. But hey a combination of any two of these and you have a really good and flexible army.

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