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Combat Patrol: Leagues of Votann

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Greetings one and all,

Grey here, as it is the season of giving, I thought I'd let my resident Build Monkey write you all a Combat Patrol review. And what did she choose? None other than the perfect representation of the season; short bearded people bearing gifts, the Leagues of Votann.

Let's see what she thinks of them.

Hi there everyone, Build Monkey here

I know you’re usually used to me coming to you with build-guides and reviews, but today, I thought I’d take a look at one of the new Combat Patrol boxsets instead. There are plenty of them to choose from and as it’s soon to be Christmas, what better time to find yourself a nice little last minute potential bargain to gift to a friend or family member who’s been itching to get into Warhammer? Or, perhaps, just to expand your own army?

With so many Combat Patrol boxsets to choose from, and me being a pretty big fan of the newest returning little tough guy Squats on the block, I thought today I’d take a look at the new Combat Patrol: Leagues of Votann boxset and see what’s in it, how much it costs, and whether it’s actually worth its price-tag. So grab your axes and prepare your loudest warcry as we dive in.

So, let’s take a look at what you get in the box; firstly, you get 1x Ûthar The Destined, 5x Cthonian Beserks including 2x Mole Grenade models, 3x Hernkyn Pioneers, 10x Hearthkyn Warriors and 1x Leagues of Votann Transfer Sheet which has 555 transfers. That’s 21 models in 1 box! That’s quite a lot, but let’s take a look at what these models would cost you individually compared to the RRP of this Combat Patrol boxset itself:

1x Ûthar The Destined = £24

5x Cthonian Beserks and 2x mole grenade models = £35

3x Hernkyn Pioneers = £37.50

10x Hearthkyn Warriors = £32.50

All these models bought individually together would cost you a total of £129. But since this Combat Patrol boxset has a RRP of £90, you’re saving £39 overall. That’s more than the cost of even 1 of these model sets on their own, so all together, a nice little saving here.

But now, with the monetary savings all figured out, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty details such as, is this boxset even really worth it on the tabletop? (Ironically laughing in the background)

Character models as a Core HQ in Combat Patrol boxsets are usually a bit of a turn-off because they limit the re-buyability of these boxsets a lot, but in this instance it’s not so bad because if Ûthar The Destined isn’t for you, or you already have him in an existing army, this model is fully customisable to become any design of Kâhl from any of the available Leagues of Votann, which is quite nice because most character models don’t give you such flexibility. But whichever Kâhl design you do choose, they come equipped with the Rampart Crest, which gives friendly League Infantry and Biker units within 6” of them a 5+ invulnerability save against ranged attacks. Useful when you take these little guys up against range-heavy opponents.

Next we have the Cthonian Beserks… Their name alone is enough to give you a picture of what these guys are like. As a standard, they all come equipped with a Heavy Plasma Axe that has an AP value at -3, on top of having a 24” range Mole Grenade Launcher that can target units that aren’t even visible to them. So, with this in mind, what’s not to like about the prospect of having a small hoard of angry beardy dwarves rampaging across the battlefield?

Following them, we have the hairy bikers of the Leagues of Votann, the Hernkyn Pioneers. These are the Outriders of your army, with a reasonable 12” movement and a nice little range of weapons as standard, such as a Bolt Revolver, Bolt Shotgun, Magna-Coil Autocannon and Gravitic Concussion Grenades. They also have the ability Ranger Outriders, which gives them a free movement action of up to 12” at the start of the battle, before the first turn begins letting these beefy biker boys get right up close to your opponent and generally causing havoc right from the get-go. Nice. (Wonder if they have a cookbook?)

And lastly, we have the Hearthkyn Warriors. These guys are the meat and veg Infantry of your army and as such, have a relatively nice statline with Weapon and Ballistic Skills of +3 and Strength and Toughness of +4, as well as a range of weapon options available to kit them out how you want. Though, they do also only have 1 Wound, so this is something to bear in mind. As standard they come equipped with an Autoch-Pattern Bolt Pistol and an Autoch-Pattern Bolter, but if you want to shake things up a bit you can replace the Bolter with an Ion Blaster instead.

Overall this boxset is a very nice little starter if you’re looking to invest in an army of or even expand a current army of shouty angry space dwarves. I highly recommend it.

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