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Q. What is the difference between standard and character models?


A. A standard model would be most of the models in an army, such as space marine tactical marines for example, while a character model would be a space marine captain.


Q. What counts as a small, medium and large vehicle?


A. An example of a small vehicle would be a space marine landspeeder or a blight drone. Medium vehicles would be a Space Marine Rhino, Astra Miltarium Leman Russ battle tanks, or a Tau hammerhead. Vehicles such as the Space Marine Repulsor or Ork battlewagon would be examples of large vehicles.


Q. Do these prices include P&P?


A. They do not, P&P is between £5-£7 within the UK and between £8-£15 worldwide depending on the size, weight and location being shipped to.

Q. Where do you ship to?


A. We ship worldwide.


Q. How do magnets work?


A. I’m no wizard but I would guess magic?


Q. Do you paint the models yourself?


A. All the models are painted by the people at Grey Paints.

Q. Do I have to send you the models?


A. We are happy for you to send us models you already have in your collection, however,  if you do not have the models we are happy to source them for you.

Q. Do you paint terrain?


A. Yes, from single barricades to 4x6 boards.


Q. Do you only paint Warhammer?


A. No, we are happy to take any of the gamesworkshops range, warmachine, infinity, flames of war, board game pieces and many others. Simply contact us to find out more.

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