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Founded in 2015 Greypaints was a way for us to indulge in the creative side of the wargaming scene. Over time this has evolved into a passion for delivering high-quality work, bringing our valued customers dreams to life, through brush, paint and glue.

We specialise in Games Workshop products, but we have also worked with other tabletop companies products and are always happy for something new.

We are able to take on any size order, from single minutes to entire armies and offer a range of additional services such as magnetizing, a multitude of basing styles, kitbashes, and custom conversions.

So why not contact us for a quote and we'll see how we can make your ideas a reality.


Meet the team


Nick. AKA, Grey


Greetings all, 

I’ve been painting and playing tabletop games since I was a wee kid and over the past 25+ years, I’ve pretty much painted everything under the sun, Warhammer, Malifaux, Starwars, D&D, Tanks, Napoleonics you name it I’ve painted it. Painting is the part of the hobby I most enjoy and it’s a rare day I haven’t picked up a brush.


 Cat. AKA, Build Monkey


Hey there everyone,

Despite having a big interest in it, I didn’t really get into painting and playing tabletop games until my late teens. But once I found my doorway “in”, I ran through that door so far and fast it probably broke off its hinges. So not having had the length of time and experience as Grey, everything is still always feeling so new and fresh and exciting for me, which drives me to keep going further with even more interest. And I just love building. Though, that’s probably putting it a little lightly, which is where my moniker of “Build Monkey” originated because whatever it is and however you want it, I will happily and frequently do lose hours of the day and night building everything from Tyranids, to Tanks and more.
I'm also the photographer behind all of Grey Paint's gallery photos, which is another one of my passions

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