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Combat Patrol: Space Wolves

Another new boxset released recently Combat Patrol Space Wolves allows you to start an army worthy of the wolf King himself but is it value for money and are the units any good on the tabletop?

As said before these Combat Patrol boxsets seem to be replacing the older start collecting boxes, which had some great value to them though some weren't the most useful for building an army.

These Combat Patrol boxsets seem to be much more balanced in regards to a starting force.

In the Combat Patrol Space Wolves you get 10 interessors 5 reavers 1 Primaris Invictor Tactical Warsuit and 1 Primaris Lieutenant, all for £85.

Considered separately this boxset prices up as follows.

Primaris Intercessors = £35

Primaris Reavers = £27.50

Primaris Invictor Tactical Warsuit = £37.50

Primaris Lieutenant = £20

2 Space Wolves upgrade sprues = £18

All combined at the recommended retail price these items are worth £138. With the boxset costing £85 this is a saving of £53, which is great value!

However, are the models value on the tabletop?

The Interessors and the Invictor Tactical Warsuit are two great units. With the Invictor being of particular note, loaded with its incendium cannon it can unleash major hurt turn one.

The Reavers are slightly more lackluster but could be used to build the new Hounds of Morkai.

Combat Patrol Space Wolves isn't as good as Combat Patrol Deathwatch in my opinion, but it is still value for money and makes an interesting starting army or an upgrade to an existing one.

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