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Christmas BattleForce Costs revealed

With the release of the prices for this year's Christmas BattleForce boxsets, we can now see what kind of saving these boxsets will offer, and I tell you now, some are far better than others, but all will save you money.

Space Marines – Interdiction Force

Captain in Phobos Armour = £22.50

10 Infiltrators/Incursors = £35

10 Reivers = £35

Invictor Tactical Warsuit = £37.50

Impulsor Transport = £45

Total = £175

Cost = £120

Saving = £55

The Space Marine Interdiction Force is on the lower end of the saving list, though it does contain some rather nice units (Invictor Tactical Warsuit I’m looking at you). It also has some decidedly subpar ones (coughs, Reivers). Personally, I think I would have liked to see some Suppressors, and maybe even some Eliminators, to make this a must-have boxset for Christmas.

Necrons – Eradication Legion

10 Warriors = £29

5 Immortals/Deathmarks = £25

5 Triarch Praetorians/Lychguard = £30

1 Canoptek Spyder = £25

Triach Stalker = £32.50

Doomscythe/Nightscythe = £37.50

Technomancer = £20

Total = £199

Cost = £125

Saving = £74

Ok, wow. The Necrons Eradication Legion knocks it out of the park with a saving of £74! Better yet, it's practically a full starter army with a lovely range of units that will allow you to mix and match units as you please. And with a guaranteed future release of more Necron models, now might be the right time to raise the legions for the Silent King.

Astra Militarum – Bastion Platoon

20 Guardsman = £45

Command Squad = £22.50

Heavy Weapon Squad = £25

Sentinel/Scout Sentinel = £22.50

Chimera = £30

Hydra/Wyvern = £35

Total = £180

Cost = £120

Saving = £60

In the mid-range is the Astra Militarum Bastion Platoon, saving you £60. This boxset isn’t too bad. It has loads of infantry, with a command squad and heavy weapons squad it has everything you need to field a balanced platoon. Adding the Wyvern, you even have artillery support. And the Sentinel at this point I'm rather sure is just a part of some tradition to place it into any Astra Militarum boxset. This is a great boxset to add to an existing army, or to start a new one with.

Chaos Space Marines – Decimation Warband

10 Chaos Space Marines = £35

5 Havocs = £32.50

5 Chaos Terminators = £35

Maulerfiend/Forgefiend = £45

Chaos Lord = £17.50

Total = £165

Cost = £120

Saving = £45

Now onto the low point in the savings comparisons….£45? Wow… I mean, do not get me wrong, you're saving money. But when nearly everything else is saving you an extra £20, this is a little disappointing. Be that as it may, the units within are actually not too bad, Chaos Terminators are a powerful unit, and the Forgefiend isn’t a slouch either. If you’re looking to expand your Chaos Space Marines, this is a good addition to nearly any legion.

T’au Empire – Starpulse Cadre

10 Fire Warriors = £30

10 Pathfinders = £25

3 Crisis Battlesuits = £45

1 Broadside Battlesuit = £32.50

Piranha = £22.50

Commander = £32.50

Total = £187.50

Cost = £125

Saving = £62.50

The T’au Empire Starpulse Cadreis is another midrange saving, but at £62.50 it's still a damn good saving, and the boxset contains everything, bar the codex. You need to have a balanced force to spread the greater good. With this boxset you get loads of Fire Warriors, and Crisis Battle Suits, and drones…. So many drones... If you or a loved one want to start a new army this Christmas, this is a seriously great boxset.

Tyranids – Brood Swarm

16 Genestealers = £45

10 Gargoyle = £22.50

3 Hive Guard/Tyrant Guard = £42.50

Exocrine/Haruspex = £45

Hive Tyrant/The Swarmlord = £35

Total = £190

Cost = £125

Saving = £65

Lastly, we come to the Tyranids Brood Swarm. With a saving of £65, this is the second-best value for money boxset. It contains plenty of models big and small to sink your teeth into. With the boxset containing units with multiple builds, you have a good range of flexibility. This boxset isn't like many of the others where it's a self-contained army, but it could very easily be crafted into one in short order.

In summary, we knew the Christmas BattleForce boxsets were going to have a range of great savings, and while I think some are a little weaker than they were last year, there are plenty that could form the base of or the expansion of their respective armies.

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