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Cadia Stands; Astra Militarium army set

Updated: Jan 16

Greetings one and all,

It’s going to have to be a short one this week as I’ve started a new job, so I’m having to focus on that until I get into the swing of things again.

That said, I will be looking at what we know about the New Astra Miltarium and the Cadia Stands; Astra Militarium army sets. So sharpen your bayonet and heat up that re-caf as we dive into the Hammer of the Imperium.

So, the boxset itslef contains;

  • 1x Cadian Command Squad, comprising 5x models

  • 20x Cadian Shock Troops

  • 1x Armoured Sentinel, which can also be built as a Scout Sentinel

  • 2x Ordnance Teams

  • Codex: Astra Militarum – 154-page hardback book with gloss art and a limited edition soft-touch cover

  • Datacards: Astra Militarum – 63 cards including; 7 Universal Stratagems, 31 Astra Militarum Stratagems, 6 Regimental Orders, 6 Prefectus Orders, 6 Mechanised Orders, 6 Psykana Discipline Psychic Powers, and 1 Smite Psychic Power

  • 1x Cadian Transfer Sheet, containing 597 individual transfers

All for the low price of £120. This is in line with the recent pre-release boxsets Gamesworkshop has been releasing and it looks like the whole range has been given a much-needed update (I’m not saying the old Cadians were showing their age but…)

I’m really excited to get hold of the new Command Squad and the Cadian Shock Troops, I can already see some really interesting kitbashes there.

But what I’m most excited about are the Ordnance Teams. Oh My God, I love them! Proper towed support weapons like the Imperial Guard used to have, but bigger! I think the Heavy Lascannon is my favourite, both in terms of looks and rules. Man, that weapon packs a punch.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. They’ve managed to fit another bloody Sentinel in this box too! Someone at GW loves Sentinels, they’re in nearly every guard boxset, I swear… That said, it does bring some heavy weapons and they do tend to be cheap, so eh.

So, there you go. My quick thoughts on the Cadia Stands; Astra Militarium army set. Overall, I like it. I really like it… Except for the Sentinel…

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