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An introduction

Greetings one and all, I’m Grey of Grey Paints and I’m here to tell you a tale of how a way to indulge in my hobby turned into a business, and hopefully how it will grow. So please sit back and get comfortable as we travel back into the mists of time all the way to 2015. (Oh I should warn you now I think I’m funny, I’m aware that most don’t share in my delusion.)

Back then I was 25, had only a part time job and lacked the money to continue my hobby, this hobby being the wallet destroying thing called warhammer (which had been doing so since 1998). As a way of getting around this I started offering commission services on eBay. Now I like to think I’m a decent painter. I'm not eavy metal or golden deamon level of skill, but still I could turn out high quality table top level pieces and from then on I’ve rarely painted anything of my own.

Over the past 5 years I have painted every unit in the range, from single characters to entire armies. In fact if it’s anything short of a Titan, I’ve most likely painted the model or a variant of it. Due to this I believe I have improved my skills and techniques to a level I’m stratified to take the next step, and in my mind that means setting up a website for my commissions and starting a blog. Don’t worry I’m sure my writing will get better?

So what am I going to be writing about? Well Warhammer, painting, modeling lore, games and everything in between. I want to share full guides on how certain techniques could be done, in a way that guides the reader and promotes understanding. I want to discuss the lore of the warhammer 40K universe in a subjective way, attempting to use reason and logic to promote a greater understanding of this amazing background. Sometimes I might just give my own thoughts on a new release, like the models for 9th ed, Oh my (please read that in a George Takei sounding tone).

So how can you join in? At the moment I'm happy for you to send some ideas for topics you’d like me to cover which you can send to

If I pick your topic i’ll make sure to mention who suggested it. In time I’d like to set up a patron page where people will be able to pick topics, join a discord server, and maybe even get some goodies, but all of those things are a long way off at the moment.

This website and blog are just stage one in my plan for galactic domination…. I mean in growing grey paints into a trusted place for people to order commissions, get news and insights into this amazing hobby.

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