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What to buy your gamer for Christmas

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Greetings one and all,

Right, so let's get this out of the way. Christmas is coming and so you’re likely to be getting gifts for the people in your life. Some of those people might be 40k or Age of Sigmar players or painters, so what do you get that person whose hobby you have no idea about?

Well, don’t you worry as I’m going to help you with this list of TEN items every Warhammer fan wants, needs, or will at the very least appreciate.

Brushes - If the person you’re buying for paints, then I can guarantee you that they always need new brushes. Depending on your budget you can go you the local craft store and pick up a pack of a dozen for £3, or you can splash out on a brand like Artis Opus and get a box of high-quality brushes for around £55. Of course there are plenty of brush choices and prices to suit your budget.

Brush Cleaner & Preserver - Still on the topic of brushes, proper brush care is important. It makes the brushes last longer and hold a better point. There has been an increasing amount of brush cleaners on the market over the years, but these are two I highly suggest: The Master's Brush Cleaner & Preserver is a tried and proven brush cleaner and the one I personally have been using for years.Artis Opus Three Stage Brush Cleaner by Artis Opus themselves. It takes longer to carry out, but it will clean even the most gummed-up brushes.

Cleaning Pot - Sticking again with brushes, a dedicated cleaning pot is a massive step up from a jar, glass or mug. I personally recommend the Citadel water pot; it's got a wide base that narrows towards the top to prevent it from being easily knocked over, ribbing in the bottom to give a nice surface to rub your brush bristles against so that you can properly remove the paint, divots that line vertically up the back of the inside so that you can run your brush through them to regain a nice fine point to your brush (which is especially useful if you don’t like licking your brushes) and a handy brush rest built into the pot itself, it’s a very nice all-rounder for any painter. Plus it clearly doesn’t look like a glass or mug, so you’re less likely to accidentally dip your brushes in your tea with this thing.

Wet Pallet - Is the person you're buying for still using a bathroom tile, or a homemade wet pallet? Why not set them up with a dedicated one? Personally, I use the Army Painter Wet Pallet and honestly, I’ve never looked back. It's the perfect gift for the painter in your life that keeps having their paint sessions interrupted.

New Game Boxset - Now, this is one that requires a bit of judgment on your part, but there are loads of model games out there. Gamesworkshop has an entire range of specialist games; Nercomunda, Titianicus, Blood Bowl and more, just to name a few. Why not start a new system with them? That way you can both share in the experience. Hell, if you want to try some non-Gamesworkshop, there’s Warmachine, StarWars Legion, X Wing and Armada, Bolt Action and loads more.

Models - Again this one requires a judgment call on your part. Every gamer has been given a box of Orks from their family with the words “you play that game right?” when you have never played Orks, never painted an Ork and hell, you play Nercons… Just an off the top of my head example not based on real life, honest. So if you know that there is a model the person you're buying for really wants, then you can get that. It’s an easy gift.

Micro Sol and Set - I might need to justify this one a touch. So, this is a pair of liquids that make applying decals a breeze. If the person you’re buying for has ever bemoaned that decals are hard to use, then get them this and they will thank you.

Black Library Books - Books are a great way to get a more in-depth look in the factions of Warhammer. The Black Library has hundreds of books and each of them is a gem. The Plague War trillogy is a great place to start if they want to know the state of the universe in the current lore, while the massive Horus Heresy series, which is coming to a close now, is full of some of the best writing I’ve ever had the joy of reading. But if reading isn't their thing, there are audio books aplenty from the black Library.

Starter Paint Sets - For those that are just starting out their journey into Warhammer, getting the right tools and paints can be a bit daunting. That's why I suggest you get them one of the paint or paint and tools starter sets. Each comes with a range of paints, brushes and tools to start you off with your painting.

Starter Boxsets - Another good choice for those starting Warhammer can be the faction they want to play Start Collecting or Combat Patrol sets (even the Xmaz boxsets if their faction has one). These boxsets will give them a firm starting place, which they can then expand from.

If you need or want smaller stocking fillers, or slightly more jokey gifts, then I present to you my top picks; painting handles, paints, tools, Warhammer socks or a nice Warhammer stocking.

These have been my suggestions. I hope you found something useful here for that gamer in your life and we at Grey paints wish you a Merry Christmas.

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