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The Citadel Colour Assembly Stand

Greetings one and all,

Have you ever been building a model and thought, “I could really use another set of hands,” or, “I really don’t want to hold this piece for ages”?

Well worry not. The Citadel Colour Assembly Stand is happy to lend a hand.

The assembly stand consists of a base, and two articulated arms. This may seem quite simple, but there’s clearly a lot of thought gone into how it functions.

The base itself is a wide triangular thing, which gives you a nice solid surface to use with even some of the biggest models. (I'm not talking a Tua Manta though, nothing is that big). In the middle of the base is a hole with three grips for one of Citadels two sizes of painting handles (however, these have to be the newer ones), both of which fit really nicely into the stand. It’s very nicely designed to give the arms the biggest degree of positioning possible, as they simply slot into place in a series of holes on each of its three sides.

On the mention of the arms though, let's talk about them in more detail. Because in my opinion these are what really make this stand shine as an excellent piece of kit.

The arms are incredibly articulate, consisting of seven ball-jointed segments which can be easily rotated, bent, and even removed, to further increase the range of flexibility. This gives you a great range of potential positions to help hold your models when building and painting, as well as this, the heads of each arm are rubber coated, they’re very soft and so shouldn’t cause any damage to your models through their use (though I’m not saying just pull your models off, because that would be dumb).

When a Citadel Colour Painting Handle, or a Citadel Colour Painting Handle XL, is slotted into the hole in the middle of the base it locks in really nice and firm, so there is no chance of the handle falling over or popping out accidentally. However, this is where there is a slight caveat; neither of these handles comes with the Citadel Colour Assembly Stand, and so you have to buy them separately. This isn’t the biggest deal, but if you, for example, loaded up on the older style of Citadel Paint Handles, then you will need to buy new ones in order to use the Citadel colour Assembly stand as the older models of handle don’t fit.

As of the time of writing, the Citadel Colour Assembly Stand RRP was £16. The Citadel Colour Painting Handle is £7 and the Citadel Colour Painting Handle XL is £11, so if you’re buying the stand and a handle, this will set you back at least £23 and up to £27, depending on which handle you buy (if you even need to buy one at all).

Is this worth the money? Personally, I’d say yes. I’ve used mine many times now, and I can honestly say it has made a number of models far easier to build and paint. The only thing I wish they’d do though, is sell a pack of the arms separately. ‘cause damit, I want more of them.

A slight and silly P.S.

I’ve put googly eyes on the clips and they are the funniest thing I've seen for ages.

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