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Start to Finish Guide to Models: Assembly

Greeting one and all,

This is hopefully going to be the start of a series of articles where I take you through the process of building, painting and basing.

The models I’m going to be using are the Space Marine Heroes Series 2 Terminators, and I'm going to paint them in a range of different chapters. Namely; Iron Hands, Ultramarine, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and Imperial Fists. These chapter colour schemes have a range of painting techniques that are good for all new painters to learn.

This will be a general guide, and each article will cover one stage of the process. This first one will cover assembly of the models. Afterwards this series will run as follows: undercoating, base colours, layers, shading, highlighting, and basing. By the end, we will have 5 finished models.

So without further ado, let's get into this guide.

One of the first things to consider when you’re building a model is what it is made of. The models I’m using are made of plastic, but it’s a kind that is more brittle than the normal games workshop plastic kits.

Due to this, I will be cutting about 4mm or so away from the model itself so I don’t damage the model.

After this is done I take my scalpel and remove the remaining bits of sprue from the model as well as any mold lines.

With all the parts now cut out and cleaned I start the assembly process, making sure to dry fit all of the parts before I finally glue them into place.

At this stage though I don’t attach the arms. This gives me more access to the model once I start painting. Making use of sub-assembly like this can be useful on larger models.

And there we go. 5 Space Marine Terminators assembled and now ready for the next stage: undercoating.

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