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Start Collecting Thousand Sons

Today we are going to be falling to the corrupting powers of the Architect of Fate and looking at the Start Collecting Thousand Sons; one of the few, in fact only, start collecting boxsets to include a named character: the former Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons Ahzek Arhriman.

Furthermore, there are two of these sets for the Thousand Sons; one for £60, and another which includes the Codex for £85. We’ll do the maths for both of them as a special treat for you all.

The £60 Start Collecting Thousand Sons boxset contains 1 Ahriman, 10 Tzaangors, 10 Rubric Marines, and 2 Tzaangors upgrade packs, while the £85 boxset contains everything previously mentioned plus the Thousand Sons Codex.

When all items are considered separately the contents price up as follows:

Ahriman = £25

Tzaangors = £27.50

Rubric Marines = £35

Two Tzaangors upgrade packs = £16

This brings the Grand total of the items in the £60 boxset to £103.50 saving you £43.50

When doing the same maths for the £85 boxset we simply have to add the codex

Codex Thousand sons = £25

Which brings the recommended retail price of this boxset to £128 and saves you £43.50, which means there is no saving on the army book at all which I find a little disappointing, but as you're only going to ever buy one of the £85 Start collecting Thousand Sons it is fair enough I guess.

A saving of £43.50 is nothing to put one's nose up at, but it certainly is on the lower side of the boxsets we’ve looked at thus far.

But how valuable are these units on the tabletop?

In a phase, it's a mixed bag. The Rubric Marines are great at holding an objective, especially with all marines getting plus one wound. However, it's possible that Ahriman might be a little expensive for a low points game (though he is certainly a powerhouse in the psychic phase).

Overall I personally feel this is one of the less thought-out boxsets. The inclusion of a named character is nice, but it means you're unlikely to buy more than one; unlike say the Start Collecting Adeptus Mechanicus boxset which you can more easily buy multiples of.

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