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Start Collecting T’au Empire

There's a lot to be said about the T'au hundreds of jokes, cheap shots but today we're going to look past that and asked the question is the start collecting set value for money?

Within this start collecting boxset you’ll receive an Ethereal on Hover Drone, three XV8 Crisis Battlesuits, and a ten-man Fire Warriors team. Not a bad little beginning army.

Now we'll price up the kits separately using GamesWorkshops recommended retail prices.

T’au Ethereal =£15

XV8 Crisis battlesuit team =£45

10 Fire warriors =£30

In total, the models inside the start collecting T’au Empire boxset comes to roughly £90 as this boxset costs £60 you’ll be saving £30 in total or 50% extra free.

However, that's all well and good be are the units of any value on the tabletop?

Well yeah, the VX8 battlesuits are an amazing unit packing enough firepower to mince any unit that they come up against.

That tied in with the frankly horrible number of drones in this set and you'll have enemies crying as shield drone save hit after hit.

In summary, the start collecting T'au empire is a great value for money and has a fair bit of rebuyabilty (that's a real word honest) get two and buy a commander and you've got the makes of an army fit for spreading the greater good.

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