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New Year New Army part 3

Greetings all.

This is part three of my New Year Army series. Today, I'm going over the process of creating my infantry, what my thought process was, and how I chose what to include to reflect this.

As a quick recap, I started a new Astra Militarium army this year with the aim of getting an army worth roughly 100 points in power, using the hobby bingo in the back of White Dwarf issue 459. (And as I very very rarely play, I feel power points work as a good unit of measurement.)

In part one of this series I discussed the theme of my armies homeworld; a blend of Victorian England, Divine Monarchy, and near-total bureaucratic control just on the cusp of finishing its first hive city. In part two I went over the colour pallet I planned to use, (metallic blue and white being the main two colours I’m using,) as well as some more thematic elements of the army.

And this brings us to part three.

Remembering from part one, my army comes from a highly industrialized planet. This, in my mind, means the planet potentially has a lot of toxic pollution, and ergo, everyone would be required to wear some kind of air purification device. With this in mind, I carried this idea into the infantry, where I used the heads of Skitarii Vanguard to represent heavy duty, hostile atmosphere rebreathers.

Sticking with the topic of pollution I also decided that there would be no bare skin exposed on any model. All infantry would be covered from top to toe in chemical resistant uniforms as a result, to reflect how toxic parts of the planet potentially are. (This was also totally not just a reason to save me painting flesh.)

Following on from this, I decided that the torsos of the infantry would all be protected by a chestplate. A hit to a leg or arm would either be treatable, or it would instead allow toxins and chemical pollution through the protective clothing rendering the trooper beyond saving all together. But with armour completely covering the torso, the most vital areas would be protected (which would nearly always put a trooper down if hit), allowing the trooper to continue fighting. I used the Scion torso armour for my infantry, although I did need to fill in the hole in the back of the torso where the backpack would normally go (which was easily achieved through the use of some green stuff).

For the colour scheme, I decided to use the same colours as the tanks, and I detailed the trim on the chest plates with gold to denote the royal sponsor of the regiment.

Lastly, I had to decide on how to base them. In the end, I chose something simple; good old Stirland Mud, a couple of rocks, some snow, and a few little tufts of dead grass.

Overall, considering these guys are going to be Veterans, I think they look the business. Now they just need a ride, which will be coming later on in the series.

Oh and I painted this guy in case anyone was wondering what hero or character I had completed.

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