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Necromunda: Slave Ogryn Gangs

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Greetings one and all,

Today we’re going to discuss the biggest and toughest gangers in all of the Underhive; Ogryns and the Slave Ogryn Gangs. So, make sure to bring an extra-large sack of corpse starch, and let's dive straight in.


As is to be expected, there isn't what could be called a coherent history of the Slave Ogryn gangs. Most gangs are founded individually, though there is a similar trend amongst them all. It normally goes something like this; an Ogryn, through their own experiences, gains self-awareness (not to say they aren’t aware of themselves, but more that they are not aware of any of their higher wants and needs). This, in some Ogryns, leads them to have ideas of freedom. This Ogryn will then gather his fellows, who will then lead them in an escape attempt. And considering the size and strength of Ogryns, these are brutal and often very successful affairs as few barriers, let alone people, can withstand the sheer muscle and force of a determined Ogryn when their newly established will for freedom is on the line.

Once free though, the Ogryns are then forevermore on the run from their former masters, the Guilders and the Enforcers, and given their will to want to remain free this often leads to violent clashes throughout Necromunda. For those who can manage to remain free, however, work isn’t hard to come by. Some find employment as mercs for other gangs in the Underhive, and when in such tight confines as the lower depths of Necromunda these former slaves can really use their brute strength to the fullest. So much so that it’s not unheard of for any gang from the likes of the Escher to even the Delaque to hire a tough mass of Ogryn meat to back up their gangs in battle. Other Ogryns go on to carve out little territories for themselves in either the wastes or the Underhive itself, giving these displaced runaways someplace to finally call home.

Gang Structure


The leader of any Slave Ogryn gang, this guy is the brightest and strongest of the lot. On top of that, he’s the only member of the gang capable of group activation. In terms of equipment though, you’re both blessed and cursed. The only ranged weapon you get is a Storm Welder, which is a little crap (ok, it’s a lot crap). Thankfully though Ogryns are built for close combat. Give your Overboss a pair of Augmetic Fists (though these can only be purchased at creation, and not during a campaign), and let that tasty strength 6 melee attack tear your foes apart. Also, it’s definitely worth giving them an armoured undersuit and light carapace, which can turn this beast into even more of a walking tank.


Like all Ogryns, the Underboss is a mean opponent in close combat and should be armed in a similar way to the Overboss. It might be worth even giving them Incendiary charges too, as the range a grenade can be thrown is determined by your strength, meaning these Ogyrns can throw a whooping 15 inches.

Slave Ogryn

Moving down the pecking order we find the Slave Ogryn. Their statline is a little worse than the Underboss, but they are still the walking tank an Ogryn should be. Unfortunately, though they are completely outshined by the Lobo-Slave beneath them, but if you wanted to bring a Storm welder this would be the guy to give it to (though, I still think it’s a waste of time with these guys).

Lobo Slave

Ogryns are slow, but these guys are even slower. But on the other hand, they are unpinnable. This turns them into an unstoppable, ever-present, advancing force, making them brilliant fighters. Give them Axes, Hazard Suits, and if you have credits left a Grapnel Launcher too and watch this almost zombified mass lumber its way easily across the battlefield. (Though, to be honest, you should give Grapnel Launchers to everyone. 12” movement? YES PLEASE!)

Special rules

If you're wanting to run a Slave Ogryn gang you'll need the House of Chains book as their rules are an additional section in the back of the book.

Slave Ogryn gangs do have a few special rules. While not as expansive as other gangs, the ones they do have are important to pay attention to.

Augmetic weapons must be bought at creation and cannot be bought later during a campaign, but as this only affects the Augmetic Fist and the Paired Augmetic Fist, if you want them, you’ll already know if you want to buy them. So this shouldn’t be an issue.

Ogryns can only purchase weapons from their profile and cannot buy weapons from the Blackmarket or Trade Post. However, they can purchase any equipment.

Lastly, the Overboss and Underboss both have access to the Muscle Skill group, of which NAAARGAH should definitely be given to the Overboss; he's very unlikely to fail the toughness test.


Slave Ogryn gangs are somewhat blessed with a number of models but lacking in other core areas for Necromunda. 'Jotunn' H-Grade Industrial Servitor Ogryns are almost perfect for modelling the gang, but they do lack some weapon options; Axes, for example. Then you have the Astra Militarum Ogryns, but again they have the same issue; limited weapon options. If you are feeling really flush, you could use Solar Auxilia Ogryn Charonite Squad Ogryns for your Overboss and Underboss, but these are expensive and again, lack weapon options. You might be seeing a theme here… Getting the bodies for your gang isn’t an issue as Ogryns exist in a variety of areas from the Warhammer universe. However getting the weapons properly represented on the model is where you will find issues, as there is no made-for Necromunda Gang currently available to buy that has all the weapon options available. So if you are going to go all in and run a gang of Ogryns for your game, you may need to do a lot of converting and kit-bashing to make it viable.


Slave Ogryn gangs are as tough as they come and they can shrug off wounds that would lay flat any other fighter. In close combat, and especially on the charge, they will mince anything they come into combat with, but their high per fighter cost means they will always be outnumbered and if playing in a campaign, will struggle as the other gangs get access to bigger and better guns. Overall, these are a fun gang to play, especially if your opponent hasn’t encountered them before, because watching some becoming more and more unnerved as a wall of muscle and Augmetic Fists comes closer and closer is a wonderful thing to behold.

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