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My top 5 models of 2020

Now unless you have been living under a rock we all know that 2020 was an awful year all round.

Regardless, Gamesworkshop continued to release some stunning models, giving us all something to paint while we had large amounts of free time on our hands. The following are my picks for my favorite models of 2020, and are obviously only based on my opinion and tastes.

Wyld Runners

Our first pick is from the Necromunda game. Wyld Runners are reckless, bold explorers and beast wranglers that really bring the amazonian feel to your Escher gang. I love how dynamic these models look, especially the ones armed with bows. Their stance really gives the impression of pulling on the bow, and as I said, I think these models really bring the amazonian feel to this gang of kickass gals.

Warbringer Nemesis Titan

Moving on; the Adeptus Titanicus Warbringer Nemesis Titan. If there ever was something that was practically just a gun with legs, this would be it. The model looks like nothing less than a mobile fortress with the flak guns on its shoulders, one either side of that massive world-ending Quake Cannon (this thing literally fires shells made of the psychic death cries of a planet, grimdark enough for you?)

Serberys Raiders/ Serberys Sulphurhounds

Right, I know what you're gonna say; “that’s two choices”. And to that I say; they come from the same model kit, and also, this is my list and ergo my rules. Why are these on this list? Two words; Mech Cowboys. Need I say more? If you're old enough to remember the early horse models of most tabletop war games, you’ll remember that the horse just sat with all 4 legs attached to the base, with no dynamic movement at all. These really do show how far the scene has come. They feel like caverly should; full of energy, spirited, as they should do. Also, I’ll say it again. MECH COWBOYS.


The Adepts Sororitas Hospitaller model perfectly embodies the spirit of the Sisters of Battle; a saintly figure tending to, what in my mind, is the final moments of her sisters life, as the wounded sister reaches up to take the Emperor's hand into the afterlife. It's a seine worthy of any Catholic artwork with the holiness and purity of the sister clearly rendered in plastic. Also, on a lighter note, the sisters have been waiting for an update for as long as I can remember, so this is more than welcome. And it is nice to see more female models… Even if they are still wearing those ridiculous breastplates...

Ghazghkull Thraka

Lastly, how could I not mention the biggest, baddest, greenest Ork to ever stomp around the galaxy. The new Gazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka model is simply incredible. Unlike the last model, this one feels animated. Morks Roar blasting away as he cuts down anyone close enough with Gork’s Klaw (alas poor Yarick), you can look at this model and you know he is Da Warboss. Also, we have the return of Makari. It seems the rumours of his death were exaggerated. I mean really, how can the luckiest grot be killed by being sat on.

And that’s it. I don’t need to tell you 2020 was a strange year, I had to really think about what models were even released last year, which I think goes to show how little attention I was paying. However, despite it all, Gamesworkshop really released some gorgeous models, and I can't wait to see what 2021 brings.

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