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Combat Patrol Death Guard

Greetings one and all,

Today we are going to look at the vilest, sickening and virulent of all the Chaos Space Marine the Death guard and their new combat patrol boxset. So put on your masks and get that hand soap ready cause you're gonna need it.

The Death Guard combat Patrol boxset contains the following models.

1 Typhus

1 Biologus Putrifier

7 plague marines

30 pox walkers

Let's look at the RRP of these figures individually shall we?

Typhus = £25

Biologus Putrifier = £17.50

7 plague marines = £30

30 pox walkers = £60 (£20 per box of 10)

All in all this brings the total RRP of the figures inside £132.50.

When compared to the price of the Death Guard combat Patrol boxset of £85 you're getting another £47.50 for free, that's quite a saving.

But are the figures valuable on the tabletop?

Typhus is a bit of a beast on the tabletop, with manreaper and the destroyer hive anyone that gets close is in serious trouble. If that wasn't enough he's a psyker and gives buffs to friendly units, all that means that he is really flexible and able to take on multiple different roles during games.

Talking about buffs this kit has 30 poxwalkers, these guys are really only good as meat shields, even with Typhus close by. That said they can prevent your more valuable units from being shot up so they have their uses.

Overall this kit makes a good starting place for an army, couple more plague marines, and some Deathshroud terminators and you've got a good little army going

The addition of a named character hurts any chances that you might buy more the thousands sons start collecting has the same issue. It seems to me that the Space Marine start collecting forces are more versatile and maybe games workshops should aim for that over dumping named characters in their boxset.

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