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ARTISTIK Miniature Painting Kit

Greetings one and all.

This week's review was supposed to be written by Roamer, but unfortunately she took a boot to the head, and writing and concussion don’t go well together (she’s fine by the way, just has to have a lot of bed rest, lucky her).

Anyway, last week in my toolbox for beginners article I mentioned the Miniature Painting Kit created by ARTISTIK; a set of 13 brushes which I vaguely promised in my article to review. And so here it is.

I bought these 8 months ago for Roamer, and the first thing that struck me about this kit was how complete it is. This set contains super-fine tip, round tip, liner, flat, and spot brushes in a range of sizes. You literally have a brush for nearly every task.

The entire set comes in a sleek black carrying case ensuring that wherever you are, your brushes are safe and sound. Not only this, but the case also doubles as a stand for your brushes allowing easy access to any of the brushes you need while painting.

The quality of design of these brushes is also very good. Even after 8 months of use they continue to hold their shape, with no fraying or bristles coming loose.

The brushes themselves are of the synthetic variety. Roamer has told me she finds the brushes have mastered the art of “goldy locking”? I think what she means by this is that they hold the right amount of paint for the job; not too much and not too little, just the right amount for her to get a good smooth result on her models. And with a variety of sizes, they can tackle any job she has, from big painting projects such as the body of a venom crawler, to the precision tasks of painting the details of a model's eyes.

Another feature is the ergonomic shape of the grip, this is another feature Roamer raved about. She stated that they feel very comfortable in her hand. The shape means the brushes don’t roll in her fingers. allowing her to keep control and maintain precision with the brush.

As far as downsides go with these brushes, Roamer hasn’t really found any. The only issue she seems to have noticed is an “irritating hook at the end of the bristles” on one of the super fine tip brushes. This is a common issue however with brushes that can occur, so it’s nothing that’s too much of a concern. Roamer has though found a way to use this flaw for getting into the niggly bits of various models that she says straight brushes can’t manage because they lack the curve.

I honestly do think these brushes are perfect for beginners and veteran painters alike. It isn’t too expensive either, at £24.99 you’re paying less than £2 a brush. You have brushes big enough to undercoat, and small enough to highlight or pick out eyes, and everything in between in terms of size and shape. You want a brush to dry brush with? There’s one there. Layer paint? Yep, it’s got that too. Even brushes that could be used as shade brushes. It’s a one-stop brush kit for the majority, if not all of, your needs.

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